On Line Gas Mass Spectrometer Systems


In Process Instruments -

  1. On Line MS
  2. On Line Process Gas Monitoring
  3. On Line Quality and/or Environmental Control
  4. Laboratory Research
  5. Special Applications - Catalysts, Gas Inclusions etc


Ionicon -

High Sensitivity Analysis of VOC with Proton Transfer Mass Spectrometry

  1. On Line MS for VOC
  2. On Line Trace Gas Monitoring for VOC
  3. On Line Quality and/or Environmental Control
  4. Medical and Bio Technology Ny från fd Ionimed
  5. Laboratory Research Research
  6. Industrial Monitoring
  7. Customized PTR-MS solutions



Total Solutions for On Line Process Control

  1. Process automation
  2. Gas analysis
  3. Measuring techniques and automatic control
  4. Mounting and service



On Line Gas Laser CRDS Systems


Picarro -

Cavity Ring Down Spectrometers for Natural Science, Emissions, Food, Pharma and Chemicals

  1. On Line Trace Gas Analyzers
  2. Isotope Analyzers



Inorganic and Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers


Nu Instruments -

  1. Advanced Magnetic MS
  2. High Resolution ICP Mass Spectrometers
  3. Stable Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers
  4. Noble and High Resolution Gas Mass Spectrometers
  5. Glow Discharge Mass Spectrometers
  6. Sample Preparation Systems
  7. Customized solutions


Elemental and Isotopic Microanalysis




  1. SIMS - Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
  2. EPMA - Electron Probe Micro-Analysis
  3. LEXES - Selective element analysis at the near-surface
  4. APT - Atom Probe Tomography