Massanalys Spectrometry Nordic AB

Specialists in Mass Spectrometric Analysis.


Massanalys Nordic started October 2005 as a new Instrument Company to serve the

Nordic Analytical Market. Massanalys Spectrometry Nordic AB started May 2007 to specialize in

Mass Spectrometry and related techniques.


Together with our partners, we form a network of specialist companies to offer total solutions

using Mass Spectrometers for research and routine analysis in the laboratory and On Line Analysis

for research and process control.


We are the bridge between producer and customer and all members come from leading positions

in instrument companies. This means that we have well established contacts within the market place

and great experience in Chromatography, Mass Spectrometry and other analytical techniques.


MS Nordic represents leading MS producers offering Total Solutions to the market.

Either to resell or as a consultant between the producer and customer partners.


We keep a highly efficient structure

  • Latest IT technology
  • Remote workplaces
  • Head office in Stockholm